Who I am

Matteo Ratini portrait

Matteo Ratini developed a passion for a such type of photography when he realized that nature and wilderness are often overlooked and therefore not valued enough.

With this idea in mind he’s approaching to the nature photojournalism, with the aim of promoting the wonders of the world to all its inhabitants: that’s why telling the stories which lie behind the treated topics, by means of photographs, becomes a priority.

Lover of outdoor life, he always tries to characterize his works through a different perspective, displaying their most hidden aspects: this way to proceed involves a strong spirit of adventure and willingness to complete assignments on always new issues.

Therefore he’s mainly interested in naturalistic photo services, with works spanning among several contexts such as animals, environment, science, culture, adventure, travel and so on. In his job he attempts to disclose the emotions he felt taking pictures and the reason why he decided to work on that particular subject; by doing so, viewers can perceive the importance of the treated topic and immerse themselves in it.